Sunday, March 30, 2008

080330-BlueBlack #7

Απόψε σε Jazz ρυθμούς.
Καλή σας ακρόαση!

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080330-BlueBlack #7 (Size: 66,4 MB - Duration: 01:12:33) :

1. Amanda Monaco 4 – Gaza Strip Mall
2. Video Gum Culture – Red
3. Tim Rose – Double Lucky
4. 3rd Man – Eyes Of The Innocent
5. Anna Lee – Kiss
6. Arkana Music – Give
7. Danny Fong – I’ll Be Seeing You
8. Gilly Slinn – Mama’s Gonna Rock You
9. Jason Steele Ensemble - No Words
10. Karmyn Tyler – Forbidden Love
11. KaZ – When I Close My Eyes
12. Rachel Pearl – Baby Blue
13. The Catz In The Hatz - My Funny Valentine

Μουσικό Σήμα Έναρξης Εκπομπής: BeebleBrox – Gateway (Live)

Μουσικό Σήμα Λήξης Εκπομπής: BeebleBrox – Lost But Not Forgotten


Anonymous said...

Thank you for playing my song Forbidden Love on your Bloody Rose Podcast. I appreciate your support of independent artists!!


Jimmy Bloody Rose said...

Hi Karmyn! ThanX for your comment!
I did nothing!
You have a great voice and your music is so romantic jazz, that it makes me calm!
Keep going on!
I'm sure for the best to you!

Jimmy Bloody Rose
Korydallos, Piraeus